Privacy legislation

Date: 2015. 07. 20.

This current Privacy legislation regulates the use of website (henceforth: Website) and its audio and visual content by any third parties.

Operator of the Website is: Duna Medical Center Ltd. (company registration number: Cg.01-09-191967) (henceforth: „Duna Medical Center”).

Structure, appearance of the Website and all contents appearing on it (logo, image, text, graphics, data and information) are all intellectual properties of Duna Medical Center and are under copyright and trademark protection. Unauthorised use of these and use of them for business and commercial purposes is illegal. Any type of use of the contents can only happen after preliminary, written consent from Duna Medical Center and by indication of their source.

The Website can be visited freely, without providing any personal information. Health-care services of Duna Medical Center can be discovered on the Website. Communications found on the Website are only for informing publicity and they do not engage Duna Medical Center in any way. Any of these communications represented on the Website can be considered as contractual offers or acceptance of a contractual offer. Declarations and statements found on the Website do are not considered as commitments. By visiting the Website you agree that use of the information downloaded from or through the Website is voluntary, happens on your own discretion, responsibility and own risk.

Legal basis of data handling applied on the Website is voluntary consent of the user based on fifth paragraph of Section 1 (point a.) of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (Privacy Act). This consent is provided by the user by visiting the Website, registration and giving information in question voluntarily from the aspect of certain data managements.

Data management is done after voluntary informed consent of visitors using contents of the Website which declaration contains a definite contribution for using their personal data which were provided by them during use of the Website.

If you provide personal information (such as name, address, email address, phone number, fax number) through the Website or by using the email address represented on it, those data will be managed by Duna Medical Center.

The data manager uses and can use the given personal data only for those purposes specified in the relevant points and for no other purposes. Surrendering personal data for a third party or the authorities – if the relevant law does not directs obligations otherwise – can only happen if the user gave a preliminary definite informed consent.

Duna Medical Center does not monitor the personal data provided for us. Only the person who provided these data is responsible for their trueness. Any users who give us their email address, take responsibility for the fact that only that certain person will utilise our services from the email address in question. Considering this responsibility, all actions and responsibilities connected to entries from the given email address are taken by the user who owns the registration from that email address.

Duna Medical Center does everything that can be expected to keep the content of the Website accurate and true, the referenced sources are selected with the highest caution and carefulness, but we do not take responsibility for the accuracy, correctness, actuality, completeness or authenticity of neither the data, nor the news and information, and we do not take responsibility for possible health damage resulting from the use of these information.

According to the above mentioned facts preliminary written consent from Duna Medical Center is necessary if someone would like to use the contents or partial content deriving from the Website in any publications or presentation, publishing, reproduction, copying or distribution. Information found on the Webpage are only for educational purposes, for widening the knowledge of the visitors, the application of which can only be executed after consultation and medical check-up performed by the proper professionals (physicians, pharmacists and other health-care providers). Duna Medical Center claims the right to partially or completely change the content of the Website.

Duna Medical Center does not take responsibility for flawless and fail-proof operation of the Website and neither for those damages which resulted from changing and illegitimate access to Website data and contents by any unauthorized persons.

Links referring to external Internet sites can also be found on the Website. Duna Medical Center does not take any responsibility for contents of the referenced external links managed by a third party.

We hereby inform you about the fact that we are allowed to use data provided by you and collected from you to analyse and prevent any activities which might jeopardize our system and operation of the Website.

For further information regarding use of contents found on the Website, please contact our Help Desk under the Contact menu. Duna Medical Center claims the right to initiate termination of a connection if it is placed into a discreditable environment. Please report placement of the connection to our Help Desk (name, electronic contact information, and by naming the type of use).

Current Hungarian legislations are valid for this current legal declaration and use of the Website.


Privacy policy

Dear Visitors, Duna Medical Center Ltd. (company registration number: Cg.01-09-191967) (henceforth: „Duna Medical Center”) claims that personal data and information provided by users of website (henceforth: „Website”) are managed accordingly to valid Hungarian legislative directions for data protection (henceforth: „Data manager”). Duna Medical Center does not have contractors for data processing. Personal data managed by ourselves are processes with own technical resources of the Data Manager, if necessary.

We also inform you about the fact that if you visit the website (henceforth: „Website”) you voluntarily provide your personal information voluntarily.

Your personal data can be managed by usin two different ways: first, in connection with maintaining the online contact with the computer, browser, Internet sites and visited websites as these technical data appear in our computer system. The other way is if you fill in data sheets and registration sheets on the Website or you subscribe to our Newsletter when you need to give your name, contact information and email address or other additional data, or if you would like to make personal contact with us, or if you aim to requisite either of our health-care services. Aim of the registration is providing availability and access to health-care services. We inform you that if you decide not to give us the requested personal information, you may not be able to access certain contents of our Website.

Our Website is created in a way to be able to fulfil the structural and content requirements pertaining to websites of health-care providers. During this process we made efforts in order that your personal data would be used only for requisition of our health-care services listed on our Website, or accordingly to your own provisions and the currently valid legislations which are the following: Act CXII on Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information (henceforth: „Privacy Act”) and Act XLVII of 1997 on management and protection of health-care data and personal information connected to them. 

Only our own colleagues have access to your data which were provided by you during visiting our Website who exclusively use them for their own tasks and for helping to accomplish those health-care services which you would like to requisite. In addition these data are used to be able to answer your arising questions and notifications. Your data provided during the registration process are only used in ways which were specified and we do not unite them with database deriving from other sources.

Personal data provided during the registration are handled confidentially by Duna Medical Center those cannot be reached by unauthorised persons.

Duna Medical Center does not share your personal data – except for the exemptions specified in regulations on data protection – with third parties or unauthorized persons, while non-personal data can be used freely. Data provided during the registration process cannot be published by Duna Medical Center without your preliminary definite consent.

In accordance with the Privacy Act you have the right to request information on management of your personal data and you also have the right to actualize your data or ask for deleting them.

The Data Manager always has the right to handle personal information provided by the user as long as the user – with the given username – deletes the registration. Time of deleting a registration is 10 work-days counting from submission of the request for deleting. In case of using an illegal, deceiving personal data or in case of crimes committed by a user, or in case of an attack against the system the Data Manager has the right to delete the registration of the user. On the other hand we have the right to preserve personal information during an ongoing investigation if the suspicion of a crime or civil rights liability arises.

We inform you that if you do not want to take the opportunity of being notified by Duna Medical Center about important information through email/text message, Duna Medical Center offers you the chance of refusing this service.

Duna Medical Center does not take responsibility in connection with any data, information, declarations available on the Website, especially – but not exclusively – regarding accuracy, validity, completeness, applicability for certain purposes and reliability of them.

If the nature of a certain health-care service necessitates it, Duna Medical Center is allowed to collect data for physical contact of users, but only for purposes which were preliminarily approved by the user.

We hereby call your attention onto the fact that during visiting the sites the use of which is subjected to registration you are obliged to provide data that comply with your actual status.

Duna Medical Center is not responsible for illegitimate use or any personal data provided during the registration process. Duna Medical Center claims the right to monitor personal information and if the user does not correct the wrongful, untrue or inaccurate data provided by them within a given period of time Duna Medical Center is allowed to delete the account of the person concerned.

We would like to emphasise that users who resorts to health-care services do not have the rights to send information, data or messages which do not fulfil the requirements of morality, law, directions of international agreements, any other internet-connected norms or common law. Furthermore the user is obliged not to use or share unauthorized data – which they have learnt by resorting to the services - with third parties

Opportunities of enforcement of rights

We hereby inform you about the fact that you – as a user - are allowed to enforce your rights according to the Privacy Act, and Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code in front of the Court of Justice and in case of any issue pertaining to personal information you can request help from Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (H-1125 Budapest Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C; Postal address: H-1530 Budapest, PO Box 5, Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400 Fax: +36 (1) 391-1410, Email:

If you have any further questions or observations regarding Data management you can contact our Data manager colleagues on the following email address: