We help so you won’t be left without medication!

Date: 2020. 03. 18.

To help our patients during the pandemic, we extended our staff to be able to handle the growth of demand for prescriptions.

Please note, that we are only able to provide this service to those who already had an examination in our institute and the requested was prescribed to them before. If you need another prescription, our your sympthoms changed or worsened, please consider requesting a teleconsultation, about which you can learn more by CLICKING HERE!


If you only need a new prescription, please get in contanct with our staff by sending the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your birthdate
  • The name of your medication

to recept@dunamedical.com.

Our collegues will check if you are able to use this service. If they inform you that you are – AND ONLY THEN! – please purchase this service on our webshop, which costs 4.000 HUF.

After that, our we’ll get in contact with you to discuss how you can collect your prescription.

This can be

  • E-prescription: in this case the prescription will be available in the EESZT (Electronical Healthcare Providing Space) and You (or during the coronavirus pandemic the person whom you trust with your papers) can collect your medication in any apothecary using your ID card (or eID if you have one).

Traditional prescription: we’ll send this with post. In this case please note that this might take longer due to the current circumstances.