New life after bypass surgery

Date: 2017. 01. 27.

4 hours after the surgery, our patient stood up and walked alround, 46 hours later she headed home. Before the surgery, she weighed more than 140 kgs. In the first 4 months after the operation, she lost more than 30 kgs.

Our patient was a 22 year old lady, who had weight problems since her teenage years. She had tried numerous diets: with the help of physicians she lost 30 kgs, but a few months after she regained it. Following that, she asked for Duna Medical Center’s help and our professionals helped her to optimize her eating habits and prepare for the surgery.

The leader of the surgical team, Dr. Péter Vasas explains the nutrition guidlines after the surgery


During the keyhole surgery, our surgeon made 5 incisions into the abdominal wall. During the operation he reduced the capacity of the stomach, and created a „bypass” en route for the nutritients. The operation lasted for two hours. The leader of the surgical team was Dr. Péter Vasas, who has performed more than 150 gastric bypass surgeries in Great-Britain already.


Test of the continuity of the bowel


4 hours after the surgery our patient walked again and watched the panoramic landscape of the Danube. The team of Duna Medical Center did everything for her safety during her stay at the hospital: a leg compression pump worked day and night to prevent thrombosis, and we used the so-called incentive spirometer in every 10 minutes to prevent pneumonia.


Our patient with Dr. Péter Vasas the day after the surgery.


As a result of to the bypass surgery 70% of the extra weight will be lost in 18-24 months.

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