Less pain, speedy recovery: new tonsillectomy operation

Date: 2016. 09. 19.

As a unique service in Hungary, we perform tonsillectomy with plasma technology. Its biggest advantages are less pain after the surgery and quicker recovery.

The surgery type is called coblation. During the operation a controlled plasma field is created, this allows to cut the tissues in low temperature, and thus to perform minimal invasive surgeries. This way, the tissues around the line of the lesion are only slightly impaired, as opposed to the wildy used, traditional, so called frequencial or radio frequencial knifes. This new procedure can be used mostly in ear-nose-throat surgery, for throat and nose tonsill removal or diminution, tongue base and concha nasalis diminution (for example in case of surgeries against snoring).

Coblation in progress.

With coblation, there is less pain after the operation, surgery time is quicker, there is less bleeding and recovery is quicker. The new method can be used in surgeries performed with both in local or general anaesthesia.