Hernia surgery - with free service package

Date: 2021. 02. 15.

During our promotion, we provide you with a service package containing the pre-operation examinations, that worths 100 000 HUF.

We give you the surgery consultation, the pre-operation examinations (PCR test, ECG, chest X-Ray, labor tests, anaesthesiology consultation), the post-operation care package on the day of the surgery, and the post-operation control examination for free.



Don’T WAIT ANY Longer – we give you the full surgery service package for free!


This promotion is for those who attend a surgery consultation between February 1st, 2021 and March 31st, 2021, and have the surgery in 2021.


What are we giving you in addition to the surgery?

  • pre-operation surgery consultation
  • pre-operation examinations: PCR test, ECG, chest X-Ray, laboratory tests, anaesthesiology consultation*
  • post-operation hospital care package
  • post-operation control examination


About hernia:

The hernia is a common problem. If it doesn’t cause symptoms, we can wait with the surgery. It’s important to note, however, that in time the hernia can grow, cause problems and other health issues. In that case, surgery can be riskier and more complex.

In Duna Medical Center we perform hernia surgeries in narcosis, spinal - or if needed - under general anaesthesia. In addition, we always use local anaesthesia on the body where the surgery takes place which lessens post-operation pain. This way we can let most of our patients home on the day of the surgery.

We primarily use laparoscopic techniques, if this is not possible, we perform surgery in a conventional way. Our gentle and safe surgeries are performed by our hernia specialist, Dr. Péter Sipos, who has outstanding international experience, supported by our modern tools. During surgeries, we use personalised polyester or polypropene macroporous mesh, and partly or fully absorbable mesh. It’s important that we choose technique and mesh according to body type and hernia.

The pre-operation examinations take place in our institute and can be done in a day. Our surgeries are performed in Duna Medical Center’s new operating theaters using state of the art technologies.


To learn more about the different types of hernia and surgeries, please visit here. 


Terms and conditions

Services used pre-operation must be paid by the patient, the price will be taken off of the price of the surgery.

*If the patient’s state of health demands other examinations in addition to the ones stated above, the promotion does not cover them. Those extra expenses that might come up, the patient has to pay themselves.

This promotion can’t be used together with other promotions and can only be used in cases where the operating doctor is chosen by Duna Medical Center.

Duna Medical Center reserves the right to call off or change promotion, create personalised prices based on complex cases, and add extra expenses when implants or clip-ons are used.

If you need additional information or you’d like to book an appointment, please reach out to our call center at +36 1 790 7070.


Learn more about our hernia surgeon: