We work and are still open

2020. 03. 18. In the current pandemic situation we continue to work and are still open – with strict precautions for the safety of our patients and staff. More

We help so you won’t be left without medication!

2020. 03. 18. To help our patients during the pandemic, we extended our staff to be able to handle the growth of demand for prescriptions. More

We help if you can’t visit a doctor!

2020. 03. 18. Teleconsultation for those who can’t go to a doctor in person. More

Hip replacement surgery: the secret for success…

2018. 08. 08. There are a lot of debates about the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches during hip replacement surgery. The aim of the hip replacement surgery is to ensure the free movement of the hips without pain for 10-15 years, thus improving the life quality of the patient. In our article we compare the anterior, the posterior and the lateral approaches. More

Payment methods

2017. 05. 17. More

New life after bypass surgery

2017. 01. 27. 4 hours after the surgery, our patient stood up and walked alround, 46 hours later she headed home. Before the surgery, she weighed more than 140 kgs. In the first 4 months after the operation, she lost more than 30 kgs. More

Less pain, speedy recovery: new tonsillectomy…

2016. 09. 19. As a unique service in Hungary, we perform tonsillectomy with plasma technology. Its biggest advantages are less pain after the surgery and quicker recovery. More