Date: 2021. 02. 19.

Duna Medical Center is one of the best-equipped private health institutions in Hungary for 6 years now, where we provide in-patient, out-patient and diagnostic services. In our new hospital building, opened in 2021, we work with dedicated, internationally acclaimed professionals to heal our patients in safety.

Dedicated professionals

Our doctors are acclaimed professionals, dedicated to modern healing and among the best in their fields, many of them have remarkable international experience as well.

Our healthcare staff working in the consulting rooms, operating theaters, and out-patient wing are serving our patients’ safety, high-quality care, and healing with their knowledge, experience, and humane approach.


Modern diagnostics

Our Radiology department has state-of-the-art equipment including an X-Ray machine with low radiation dose, digital mammography with 3D imaging and tissue sampling, bone density machine, and ultrasound devices in many fields that all help determine a precise diagnosis.

Among our services we provide laboratory tests and evaluate the results.


Specialty in almost all fields

From andrology through gastroenterology and gynaecology to urology our specialty services cover almost the full alphabet: we provide care in 45 specialty fields in our new consulting rooms equipped with the most modern devices.


Precision minimal invasive surgery

Duna Medical Center’s new hospital has the most modern surgical infrastructure, equipment, and instrument park available in the Hungarian healthcare system.

A special high-resolution 3D camera and monitor system helps our surgeons during laparoscopic surgeries.

Our anaesthesiologists and intensive care specialists who have outstanding experience follow the patients’ life functions during operation via the most up-to-date equipment and ensure the appropriate narcosis, pain management, and respiration.


Modern, comfortable hospital environment

We are operating a private healthcare institute where we not only focus on high-quality medical attendance but on the comfort of our patients as well.

In our out-patient department, we offer one-bedrooms for our patients. We provide comfort and speedy recovery for our patients with beds that can be adjusted with remote control on many points; 3-4 menu lunch choices according to post-surgery dietary; patient living room with tea, coffee, and refreshments; and wifi services.


You can find photos of our new hospital in our gallery.